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The joint-stock company INELSEV Group a.s. is the parent company of the corporation, in which it plays the role of the controlling company. Besides the property shares in subcompanies the joint-stock company also centralizes entire immovable assets and land, that are neccessary for all the companies in corporation for their business. Thus the company controls all financial assets and decides on other investments. At the same time the company provides certain specific professional services in accounting, human resources, financing, consulting, marketing, promotion, training of staff advances, negotiations with state authorities etc. for its subcompanies. The scope and content of services is developing continuously according to needs of the corporation as well as its particular subcompanies. Undoubtedly this will be unchanged in the future depending on changing forms of management of the subcompanies and the internal rules in the holding company. In the last period e.g. the activity of the parent company in the field of human resources management, recruitment and training of new employees was continuously increasing.

The sphere of business of INELSEV Group a.s. are the activities of economical and organizational consultants, especially in managing its capital interests. The company also provides services relating to keeping business and payroll accounting, personal and financial services. The main customers of INELSEV Group a.s. are the companies belonging to INELSEV corporation, especially INELSEV s.r.o., INELSEV Servis s.r.o., INELSEV MOTORY a.s., INELSEV control s.r.o. and INELSEV INVENT s.r.o.


INELSEV Group a.s.

Identification number            47 31 09 87 / CZ47310987
headquarters Most, Husitská 1716, PSČ 434 01
conducted u Krajského soudu v Ústí nad Labem, oddíl B, vložka 1410

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