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INELSEV corporation


           INELSEV corporation consists of the parent company INELSEV Group a.s. and the subcompanies INELSEV s.r.o., INELSEV Servis s.r.o., INELSEV MOTORY a.s., INELSEV control s.r.o., INELSEV INVENT s.r.o., FeEltech s.r.o., INELSEV ZPA a.s. and ENERGIE MaR s.r.o. The parent company does not provide services to subjects not belonging to the corporation.
INELSEV s.r.o. provides and realizes technological investment units, it has its own project and assembly capacity in the field of electro, electric measuring and regulation. Supplies and implementation of construction and mechanical parts are provided by partner companies, as well as the technological projects and designs.
INELSEV Servis s.r.o. makes maintanance and revision of electrical equipment, takes measurements and performs control. It performs repairs, calibration and metrological diagnostic of measuring instruments and other measuring and control components. It also performs repairs of other electrical components.
INELSEV MOTORY a.s. performs repairing of rotating and non-rotating electric machines and devices, performs diagnostics and produces single electromotors.
The companies INELSEV control s.r.o., INELSEV INVENT s.r.o., FeEltech s.r.o. and ENERGIE MaR s.r.o. are also affiliated with the corporation. These companies provide highly skilled services in the field of control systems, computer technology, data transfer and manufacture of low voltage switchboards and electric measuring and regulation.
INELSEV ZPA a.s. offers complex services in the field of wiring, from expert counseling, project activity up to its further implementation. It performs initial and periodic inspections of all electrical equipment.



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